Delivery Appendix


File format: .wav , .aiff
Resolution: 24 bit or higher
Sample rate: 44.1 khz or higher ( Please don’t upsample your project, leave it the way it was in your project )
Headroom: Leave headroom between -6dbfs and -3dbfs. Don’t lower the masterbus fader to get to -6dbfs. 


Your track shouldn’t look like this. No dynamic’s left.                           This one is good. Still enough dynamic’s left

A few very important steps before sending your mix/master to us.

- Delete all Stereo wideners, EQ’s, Compressor’s, limiters from the master channel. If u prefer or like your  own analog compressor on the mix bus for gluing your mix, then leave that one on.

- Make sure u named your track / multitrack’s like we prefer:

In case of a master: Artistname – Trackname (version)
In case of a multitrack: SY – Mainlead or BA – Acid bass

KI – Your kick name
BA- Your Bass name
DR- Your drum name
SY - Your Lead name
FX – Your Fx name
VC – Your Vocal name

- We prefer u send us your reverb/delay’s on an aux channel. Or send us a dry and wet version of your instruments. For example: SY – Mainlead-DRY   and SY – Mainlead-WET. We count wet & dry as one track., so u won’t be double charged.

- Double check after exporting your files on your headphones for mistakes like: Clipping, Bad timing, Plugin error’s after bouncing.

- Export your own rough mix/master and tell us what u like & don’t like about it.

- Write down your wishes and send us some reference material u would like to sound like.

- Please zip all your files into one zipfile.

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