Single Mastering:
Here we master your track to it's highest potential level. But if you're struggling with your mix and u just can't get it wright, not reaching that level with just a single master, then we advice u to take a group/stem mastering or do a full mix/master. This depends completely on your budget and wich level u want to reach.

Contact us for detailled info.

Group/Stems Mastering:
Here we bring all your groups/stems into one final master. Ideal if u just face some minor issues between the groups. 



Mix & Master:
Here we treat every channel differently on it's own , apply some nice trick's and fix all the common mix problems that everybody is facing today. With this your track will sound more alive and reach definitely it's highest potential level.  

Contact us for detailed info & prices suited to your project.

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NL Mastering, Schiedamsedijk 52d in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands.

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