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How to upload my file?

You can upload your file through wetransfer or give us a dropbox link and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why letting your track's mixed / mastered by NL Mastering?

With our wide expertise in electronic dance music we know how to get to the sound you are looking for. Next to that we are very passioned and always strive to get the best endresult and we’ll give u when needed good tips / feedback that will also bring you to a next level. 

Is top quality guranteed?

One thing we would like to be really clear in is:

We can make poor produced track’s sound o.k. and good produced track’s amazing! 

The end result doesn’t rely only on mixing/mastering. It begin’s with the producer himself. A good sounding track rely’s next to mixing/mastering also on the arrangement and how it’s produced. Therefore in some cases we can’t promise u the same sound / loudness as a reference track but we sure can come a lot closer as when you tried it yourself.

If u want to get more out of your project, we can give u feedback about what’s missing or need to happen in your track.


What is stem-mastering ?

Stem / Group mastering. Here u deliver your track’s in a few groups/stems/busses. For example: Kick, Bass, Drums, Synths, Vocal, Fx. Or if there is only one group your having a problem with. Send the group apart from the rest and we can mix it perfectly in the track for you.


How quickly will i receive the master or mix?
We deliver your order a.s.a.p back within 3 days. If u are in a rush we can deliver your order back within 24 hours or shorter. 

How can i pay?

Payment is possible through paypal or a normal banktransfer.

Can i get my money back after payment ?

We will do a full refund if we can't make your track sounding better.

How loud will the master be?

We know when we’ve reached a certain point where the master will get bad side-effects of the perceived loudness. That point lies different in every track. But in the end after our advice it’s your decision how far you want to go.




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